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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The View at Twin Peaks: Ken's Thoughts

(photo by Ken R. Young)

Situated near the geographic center of San Francisco is a tall hill known as Twin Peaks. It offers the best unobstructed panoramic view of the city and the San Francisco Bay. While on a recent trip to San Francisco, I came upon a picture of this striking view, and was lured into finding my way to the top of this hill. Without consulting a map, I decided to drive to the hill and up to the viewpoint near the summit.

I could see where the hill was, and driving towards it, I determined that it should be quite simple to find a way up. But I soon learned, that although there are many roads leading up the hill, most of them do not reach the top. By taking several wrong turns, I explored many roads and various sides of the hill. Some of the roads looked as though they might reach my intended destination, but had either a dead end or a turn leading back down. At one dead end I was actually able to see the road that led up to the top, but I could not get to it. It was not until I frustratingly drove back down a good portion of the hill, being almost ready to give up, that I discovered and made a turn on to the right road. The right road even had the right name: “Twin Peaks Boulevard”.

So simple and so obvious. Had I only looked at a map before beginning my hilltop journey, I would have easily been able to start on the right road, and make it to the top a lot sooner. Perhaps stubbornness or pride played into that – I’m a man, you see, I don’t need directions! As I drove up, I could see that this was the road I had been searching for, and had full confidence that it would lead me to the top. The drive going up was not easy – both steep and winding – and yet each new bend and increased level of elevation offered previews of the fantastic view that was to come.

How happy I was to finally reach the top and take in the beautiful views! Blue skies allowed clear vision for many miles stretching across the San Francisco Bay Area. The majestic city, the Golden Gate Bridge, the pretty bay dotted with islands and sailboats, and the green hills of the north and east bay areas all played part in the awesome visual experience.

The journey up to this spot was long and frustrating (more than it needed to be!) and at times, fraught with dead ends, downturns, steep inclines, and winding curves. I’m sure there are many people who have taken this journey and experienced breakdowns or flat tires, or for some reason were not able to make it to the top. There are probably also many others, who having heard of this viewpoint, did not feel it was worth the time or the effort to make the journey, and never came, never saw. Then there are also those who are unaware that such a place exists. And, like me, I’m sure there are others who have tried to make their way up without the help of a map, but who got lost on the many roads that don’t lead to the top, and at some point gave up.

It struck me, as I enjoyed the view at the top, how similar this all was to life’s experience. Following directions, taking the right road, not giving up, learning from mistakes, being willing to come down a bit in order to rise again better, and conquering the steep and winding road ultimately will lead us to success and happiness.

- Ken R. Young

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