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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lessons from the Titanic: Work hard to keep your dreams

The 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is quickly approaching on April 15th. My oldest brother, Stan Young, who has passed, had a fascination with the ship and it's only voyage. He loved to read the stories of John Jacob Aster IV & Molly Brown as well as many of the affluent people who enjoyed the opulence of the great ship. He seemed to be fascinated with the lifestyles of the well-to-do in history.

It struck me as I've thought of the upcoming anniversary of the tragic event of the lessons that should be learned. After all, we study history to learn of the mistakes others have made as to not repeat them, correct? I suppose the vices of Pride & Arrogance are the most poignant lessons to be learned from this tragedy. Although great preparation, planning, skill and endless drops of Irish sweat dropped in the creation of the magnificent vessel, none of it could stay the horrid effects of pride and arrogance. Caution was dismissed, warnings ignored, and those in decision making power barreled forward in pursuit of accolades and high impressions.

When do we sacrifice great amount of time in preparation, planning and reaching for a dream only to see it disintegrate before us when careless attention to what is so precious falls victim to our vanities? Apply it to what works for you: a position, a relationship, an address, a degree or certification or some other worthy goal. Nothing is ever static. Once you've attained it, it still requires your constant care and continued attention, or it will fall victim to an illusive berg that damage all and you can do nothing while your dream sinks away into a dark, deep abyss.

In summation: Work hard for your dreams, and then work hard to keep them.

by Wendy (Young) Larson

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