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“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

Monday, June 3, 2013

One Ship Sails East, a Journal for Positive Thinking

Yesterday while rummaging through some boxes in the basement I found this booklet that I created over 10 years ago.  Since I do not have an electronic copy of it otherwise, I have scanned and uploaded it here. 

This booklet "One Ship Sails East", starts with my favorite poem and mantra for life "One Ship Sails East", by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (although the author was unknown to me at the time I compiled this).  It is a compilation of some of my favorite positive thinking quotes, which can be considered a pre-cursor to this blog.

None of the pictures were taken by me, though I have either been to or have wished to be in a lot of these places.  All of the quotes herein can also be found on this blog, with many others, listed in categories by alphabetical order, on blog posts in my archives for 2008-2009.  The poem was also posted earlier on this blog at One Ship Sails East.html

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